Get That Bread

Unicorn's Cabin Log: Week 9

I had both melatonin and espresso in the last 24 hours so am I lit or asleep #unclear

Real Unicorns have curves #rhinolife

Le Updates

  • Interviewed with a casting company who was pitching Hacker Paradise as a reality show. Our CEO: "We need people with big, loud personalities... So Margaret you'll talk to them?" (he gets me).

  • Had a potluck where we discovered bread face blog and things got a little out of hand [see below] #GetThatBread

  • A friend visited and we accidentally ended up at a Reggaeton night that *started* at 1am. Or like, we thought it was that, until 2am when the stage lit up and a Michael Jackson tribute band came on. Just Argentina things.

Buenos Aires Peeps

This is Nei - I met her at a craft market here where she let me fumble through my terrible Spanish for 5 minutes before she laughed at me and started speaking fluently in english. ... IT'S FINE.

Due to the crisis in Venezuela she had to move by herself away from her family+friends to Buenos Aires.

TL; DR: Right now in Venezuela a rotisserie chicken costs $45 USD. US dollars are illegal - if you get caught with american currency you'll be thrown in jail. And purchasing $1 USD on the black market is the equivalent of a full month's salary in Venezuela. W.T.F.

In order to support herself she walks dogs 9-5pm daily -- $3 USD per dog per 2 hours. At night she spends hours hand making earrings which she sells at this market - it's her dream to just make and sell the earrings full time. This girl is a kick ass powerhouse who empowers everyone around her. Check out her Instagram.

If you need some holiday gifts (girlfriends, frands, etc.), I'm here for one more week and happy to be a jewelry-mule and bring something home. She charges $7-10 per pair, i'd love to charge $18 to give her some extra support. LET ME KNOW.