Unicorn's Cabin Log: Week 6


Also i'm out of podcasts so any recs would be super bueno.

"Where are you from?"

This week we had a discussion about the definition of home - addressing it as both millennials who can't dream of affording to own property, and as nomads whose definition might be more flexible. Some people identified home simply as the place where they grew up/parents house. Home for me is where my community and best friends are (where I feel the most seen and myself).

It's a moment where language is preventing the right communication - having only one word seems to create a boundary on meaning. In a group of 8, each of us came to the word 'home' with a different feeling, experience, or idea. For me, it feels maybe more like "heart-homes," even if they're the places i've spent the least physical time (Nantucket, Skidmore, DC). It becomes a proud label I have linked closely to my identity. General consensus: it seems like there's a huge difference between somewhere that is home, and somewhere you've lived.

For a nomad who had been on the road 2+ years, Renata just pointed at her heart and said "i live here." We talked about the ways our internal personality and heart is reflected in any environment we're put in, which is why we see similar communities or social patterns evolve any place we go. Someone asked if homesickness was just a feeling of discomfort and something missing in the present, and a want for an immediate, familiar, comfortable solve. And from the discussion:

"I belong to myself, i'm always home when i am here."

Topic i'm reflecting on this week - email me back if you have any thoughts or articles on it ^

How to Burn Yourself Out:

A Memoir

It's that thing of where you ignore the fifteen warnings in the facilitator guide of 'not saying yes to everything' because like, YOU DON'T KNOW MY LIFE.

  • Thursday, 10am: Morning skype with Sara, our hilarious Italian facilitator in Croatia, which quickly devolved into gossiping about our love lives what the heck panda points 🐼are. In the wise words of the great guru Desiigner, "panda panda panda."

  • Noon-2pm: Forget that Argentinian time means even fast-casual lunch is at least 2 hours. *twitch*

  • 2-5pm: Actually doing work (photo editing)

  • 7-8pm: Host DMC (deep meaningful conversation) group on Intimacy - defining sexual vs emotional intimacy and how we all interact with it in friendships and relationships. Find out that everyone is confused on parsing these two ideas out, how they flow in and out of each other, and what you think you're looking for vs what you end up dating. We all think on how blurry things can get, and why the combination of the two seems to scare most people. Debate on if there's a difference between emotional intimacy and vulnerability.

  • 8:30-11pm: Tango show + bottomless wine + empanadas. #PourDecisions

  • 12am-5am: End up at what turns out to be a Britney Spears drag show/90's party, get painted in rainbow glitter. As one does. Watch Renata wrestle another girl for a free Britney sweatshirt. She wins.

  • Friday, 8am: wake up in a bed of glitter to crawl into an uber, go through immigration and hop onto the ferry to Colonia, Uruguay. Pass out to Hit Me Baby One More Time playing on repeat.

  • Noon-9pm: Rent a golf cart. Get chased by stray dogs. Eat turkish kebabs and truffles. Get back onto ferry, get home, sleep for eternity.

  • Saturday, 7am: wake up to fly to Iguazu for a 10 mile hike on the waterfall in the rain

  • Sunday-Tuesday: Sleep for 48 hours


If you made it to here, my bad.