Donut Burgers, and Other Things


Unicorn's Cabin Log: Week 4

Feels: going to a tango show followed by a midnight cover Britney Spears dance performance tonight

So... Argentina?

Right right, the being abroad thing. I'm living in Palermo which is essentially the Brooklyn of BA (hipster and vegan restaurants galore).

Some cultural highlights of what i'm adjusting to:

  • People: Argentinians sense of time is heckin' confusing. 7pm is considered 'late afternoon', dinner at earliest is eaten at 9pm (... I eat at 5:30 which is, you know, lunch). My neighbors threw a party Saturday night that started at 5am, and was still going when I woke up at 10am. These schedules rival my senior year finals week. I'm dubbing my lack of adjustment: cultural jet lag.

  • Cultural norms: Greeting someone is squeezing their arm with a quick cheek kiss. The norm is to do this with every single person in a room when you both walk in and leave, meaning it's a 15 minute ordeal just to enter a party. As my Argentinian friend described "WE JUST LIKE TOUCHING EACH OTHER!"

  • Food trends AF: Dulce de Leche gelato is a specialty here. I may or may not have it as a staple in my diet. Also, Hamburger + Craft Beer bars (yes, signs are in english) are every 2 blocks and wildly popular. Today I found an N64 themed burger shop that sold a burger literally served between two donuts. ... Millennial nonsense. I ordered it.

  • Language: in my experience about 70% of people here can speak fluent english. While they were taught in school, every single one will identify an american media influence as their main teacher - i.e. the dude who identified the Pokémon dialogue boxes for his fluency.

And le job?

I would best compare the bizarre feeling of being happy where you are, while simultaneously deeply missing something another place and people, as being in a long distance relationship (locationship?). Leaving dinner a little early to jump on a call with my roommate, feeling glittery from a miss ya text from a friend, still calling DC home (while everyone else on the trip touts the honor badge of being 'location independent', aka, homeless). Homesickness is a weird feeling when it's living parallel to happiness in the present.

More importantly: Yes I was serious about a live Britney Spears cover band who does all the music video dances.