La Genta Esta Muy Loca, WTF

Unicorn's Cabin Log: Day 14

Feels: OVERWHELMED AF. Also happy. And a lil' hungry.

I Regret Nothing

So like - wtf are you doing again?

GREAT QUESTION FRIENDS. So far i've learned how to order a croissant by the dozen WHICH REALLY WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED. BUENO. Basically, in South America interning for Hacker Paradise (HP) doing their social media, photography, and kinda being an assistant facilitator (read: learning one ton about creating community). After a year of just food photography, it's been challenging/fun to do people and places again.

Where ya been/what's happening?

Rolled up September 2nd to Playa Del Carmen where HP's group of ~20 people/digital nomads were just wrapping up 6 weeks. Spent the week in a kick butt beach town with a group who had already formed a strong sense of community (board game designer, an architect, night club manager, amongst others). We did a ton of exploring (Tulum's boho chic beach town, Dos Ojos Cenote [underground cave lake thing that was startlingly turquoise], and the Coba ruins where my fear of heights nearly killed me. Picture me clinging mercilessly to a rope trying to climb down a Mayan pyramid. LIKE A COW, I CAN ONLY GO UPSTAIRS.). TBH, moments felt like a college summer trip: having a group potluck, playing flip cup, karaoke'ing 90's, "shit-hammered," and sneaking into the pool after midnight to blast Britney Spears and swim. Arrived in Buenos Aires (BA) a week ago, has been a whirlwind of steak, red wine, empanadas, and trying to make some kind of a routine. Also got to meet my 4th cousins once removed? Life'z weird.

Hanging out by the ocean

Cool stories from the road:

Highlight: had an instant connection with Marina who is an unbelievably talented watercolorist and writer who was selling her work for $2 USD (#exchangerate) at a local market. She talked to me at length about how she's 40 and hoped to have a husband and have a child by now. Instead she found her voice and passion at 34. Her work is her heart and she is willing to do anything to continue making it. The unicorn you see at the top of this email is by her - we're working on collaborating and trading watercolors for my marketing help. The local market, the only place she sells, has upped the rent too much and she's being forced to leave BA in search of another market she can continue to sell at. While she has an Instagram and Facebook, she never learned her way around the web. She invited me for dinner at her mom's house this week to brainstorm together, we're working on teaching her paypal/etsy so she can start selling online. Her writing inspires a feeling of warmth and safety, & hits me in mah soul.

"No te sientas solo, el universo entero esta dentro tuyo..." -Marina

Check her out here.

Beautiful Marina

What're you thinking about this week? Besides pastries filled with dulce de leche.

How do you know you're ready for something, and how do you interact with change? How do you prioritize your dreams, when you have two different ones with equal weight? And how do you even know what you want? During a discussion group in DC, someone noted that you should make big decisions not from the place of "what do I want?" but "Who am I?" So that's the question i'm asking myself this week - who am I, who do I want to be, what version of myself would I be proud of years down the line?

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